Caring and Working in Mid-Life: A Trade-Off? Professor Athina Vlachantoni, Dr Nina Wang, Dr Zhixin Feng and Professor Jane Falkingham

Living With and Fighting the “Benefit Mum” Stereotype: How Do Mothers Experience and Resist Benefits Stigma? Dr Nancy Evans

Welfare Beyond Social Rights: How Charities Are Stepping Up to Aid Non-Citizens in Sweden Dr Johan Vamstad and Professor Magnus Karlsson


Child Support in Shared Care Cases: Do Child Support Policies Reflect Family Policy Models? Dr Mia Hakovirta, Professor Daniel Meyer and Professor Christine Skinner

“Oldies at the Bottom of the Grim Reaper Hierarchy” During the Covid-19 Pandemic Dr Gemma Carney, Dr Stephanie Maguire and Dr Bronagh Byrne

Can Social Investment Policies Increase Labour Market Participation? Analysing Policy Interplay Vincent Bakker and Professor Olaf van Vliet


The Problem With Troubled Families: Rethinking the “120,000” Troubled Families Statistic Dr Matt Barnes and Andy Ross

Freedom and Gender Equality: Friend or Foe? Dr Lucie Novotná

Universal Basic Services and the Cost-of-Living Crisis Dr Anna Coote

From Slogan to Achievement: Analysing Age-Friendly Strategies Through Co-Creation and Co-Production Dr Martin Zuniga, Professor Tine Buffel and Dr Felix Arrieta

Family Intervention Projects as Poverty Alleviating Measures Professor Ira Malmberg-Heimonen and Dr Anna Grete Tøge


Which Duration of Unemployment Benefits is Considered Just? Dr Christopher Osiander, Dr Monika Senghaas, Dr Gesine Stephan, Professor Olaf Struck and Dr Richard Wolff

Why a Concept of Informal Citizenship is Needed Dr Johan Nordensvärd and Dr Markus Ketola

Why Do Poor People Not Take Up Benefits? Evidence From Barcelona’s B-MINCOME Experiment Dr Bru Laín and Dr Albert Julià

“You Have to Work…But You Can’t”: Contradictions of Active Labour Market Policies for Refugees and Asylum Seekers Dr Francesca Calo, Dr Tom Montgomery and Professor Simone Baglioni


Missing Incomes in the UK: Evidence and Policy Implications Dr Arun Advani, Dr Tahnee Ooms and Dr Andy Summers

‘It’s Not Just About a Rainbow Lanyard’: Are Laws Enough to Prevent Discrimination Against Trans People Experiencing Homelessness? Dr Edith England

Relational Support and the Coping Strategies of Low-Income Households: Policy Lessons Dr David Young


Global Policy Response and Decision-Making in Times of Crisis Dr Esuna Dugarova

Belong To What? Contribute What? Respondents’ Differing Conceptions Of How To Become Deserving Of Welfare Andreas Østerby-Jørgensen

Basic Income and Neoliberalism’s Legitimization Crisis Dr Tom McDowell

Digital Social Policy: How AI Can Transform Social Services Professor Paul Heyman


Local Knowledge Mapping: How to Move Beyond Morality Politics When Designing Prostitution and Sex Industry Policy Dr Alba Lanau and Dr Andrea Matolsci

Degrowth and Social Policy: Towards a Sustainable Welfare State Professor Max Koch

Family Social Capital as a ‘Safety Net’ For Adolescents’ Well-Being: Lessons for Ghana’s Child and Family Welfare Policy Evelyn Aboagye Addae and Dr Stefan Kühner

What are the Barriers to Taxing Wealth? Dr Rajiv Prabhakar


Moving Social Policy From Mental Illness to Public Wellbeing Dr Matt Fisher

Hybrid Entitlement: How Welfare Recipients Perceive Their Rights in a Neoliberal Era Dr Einat Lavee

Who Excludes? Young People’s Experience of Social Exclusion Professor Gerry Redmond, Professor Gill Main, Dr Alexander O’Donnell, Dr Jennifer Skattebol, Professor Richard Woodman, Dr Anna Mooney, Dr Joanna Wang, Dr Sabera Turkmani, Catherine Thomson and Professor Fiona Brooks.

Does Migration Regulation Create Additional Employment Disadvantages for Migrant Care Workers? Professor Sara Charlesworth

How Much Power Do Private Companies Have in Long-Term Care? Dr Julien Mercille

Creaming by Motivation in an Insourced Supported Employment Service Dr Heidi Moen Gjersøe and Anne Hege Strand


Fundraising for the NHS: Policy and Practice in Scotland Dr Ellen Stewart and Dr Kathy Dodworth

Voluntary Work: A Form of Resisting Stigma? Dr Uisce Jordan

How Do People Respond to Later Retirement Ages? Evidence from Austria and Germany Dr Lisa Schmidthuber, Dr Charlotte Fechter, Dr Heike Schröder and Professor Moritz Hess


Informal Welfare in Low-Income Countries Zahid Mumtaz and Professor Peter Whiteford

Re-thinking Causality for Social Policy Research Professor Bren Neale

Financial Inclusion the Digital Banking Age Dr Marquisha Lawrence Scott

Old-Age Pensions Around the World: Between Economic and Colonial Origins Dr Alice Grünewald


Not All Firms Respond Equally to Protections for Temporary Workers Dr Hyejin Ko and Dr Andrew Weaver

Early Childhood Education and the Social Determinants of Health Dr Helen Van Eyk, Professor Fran Baum, Dr Matt Fisher, Professor Colin MacDougall and Dr Angela Lawless

Covid-19, Charitable Giving and Social Cohesion Professor Peter Taylor-Gooby, Dr Tomas Petricek and Dr Jack Cunliffe


Considering Debt and Young Children in Active Labour Market Programmes Dr Irene H.N. Ng

William Schulz, Peter Townsend and the ‘Purely’ Relative Definition of Poverty Dr Andrew Dunn

Lessons from the Media in the First Six Months of the Covid-19 Pandemic Dr Sophie King-Hill, Professor Ian Greener and Professor Martin Powell

Undocumented Pregnant Women: Including the Body, Excluding the Person? Dr Nina Sahraoui