Editors’ Welcome

The editors of Social Policy and Society and the Journal of Social Policy are delighted to announce the launch of a new blog site associated with the journals. While the journals have seen increasing numbers of submissions and downloads, the new blog site provides an opportunity to introduce a variety of shorter, more accessible pieces associated with the articles featured in the journal. In addition, the site includes a series of follow up blogs, written by other social policy experts, linked to existing blogs and articles. Drawing on the work of national and international scholars, the blogs will consist of a series of original posts that draw upon contemporary policy-related research and associated developments in the social sciences. The blogs will reflect on topical debates and issues within social policy. These blogs can be used to inform your learning, teaching and research. Whether you are a policymaker, an academic member of staff, or a student within or beyond the United Kingdom, we hope you enjoy this new blog series.


Social Policy and Society

Dr Liam Foster, University of Sheffield

Dr Majella Kilkey, University of Sheffield


Journal of Social Policy

Professor Misa Izuhara, University of Bristol

Professor Patricia Kennett, University of Bristol