Children and Families

Policy to Support Young People Exiting Child Welfare, Professor Adrian van Breda, Professor Varda Mann-Feder and Dr Benjamin Strahl

Who Excludes? Young People’s Experience of Social Exclusion

Family Social Capital as a ‘Safety Net’ For Adolescents’ Well-Being: Lessons for Ghana’s Child and Family Welfare Policy Evelyn Aboagye Addae and Dr Stefan Kühner

The Politics of Unequal Childcare Expansion: An Illustration of the German Case Dr Erik Neimanns

Who Sets the Agenda For Youth Work in Europe: Young People, Youth Workers or European Policy Makers? Dr Jon Ord, Marc Carletti, Dr Daniele Morciano, Dr Lasse Siurala, Christophe Dansac, Dr Sue Cooper, Dr Ian Fyfe, Dr Kaur Kötsi, Dr Eeva Sinsalo-Juha, Dr Marti Taru and Dr Manfred Zentner

Austerity is a Barrier to ‘Child-Centred’ Child Protection Practice Dr Ciarán Murphy

The Taxation of Families: How Gendered Tax Policies Affect Income Inequality Dr Manuel Schechtl

Understanding Vulnerabilities within Unregulated Childcare Dr Zoë Goodall, Dr Kay Cook and Professor Rhonda Breitkreuz

Social Constructions of Children and Youth: Beyond Dependents and Deviants Professor Mary Collins and Dr Michelle Mead

Young People’s Wellbeing and the Achievement Gap in the Age of Covid-19 Dr Dimitra Hartas

If I (Take) Leave, Will You Stay? Paternity Leave and Relationship Stability Professor Richard Petts, Professor Daniel Carlson and Professor Chris Knoester

Effective or Not? Investment in Early Childhood Education and Care in England, France and Germany Professor Anne West, Dr Agnes Blome and Professor Jane Lewis

Critically Revisiting the Foundational Studies on Adverse Childhood Experiences Dr Dimitra Hartas

Children and Social Policy in Europe: What Progress?  Professor Mary Daly

Designing Inclusive Parental Leave Policies to Better Support All Families Elizabeth Wong, Aleta Sprague and Dr Jody Heyman

Forerunners and Laggards in Swedish Parental Leave Uptake in Sweden Dr Li Ma, Professor Gunnar Andersson, Professor Ann-Zofie Duvander and Professor Marie Evertsson

How Contractual Changes to Employment Services Affect Engagement with Single Mothers Dr Michelle Brady

The Cards You’re Dealt: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Resilience and Youth Policy in Scotland Dr Emma Davidson and Dr Eric Carlin

Adverse Childhood Experiences Are Not the Answer for Policy Professor Rosalind Edwards, Professor Sue White, Professor Val Gillies and Professor David Wastell

Adverse Childhood Experiences in Aotearoa New Zealand: An Implicitly Racist Tool? Eileen Joy and Professor Liz Beddoe

Shared Parental Leave: Take-Up Barriers and Inequality Risks Dr Katherine Twamley and Professor Pia Schober

Troubled Families: What Role for the State? Dr Sadie Parr

‘Reproducing the Stereotypes’: Family Complexity, Resource Scarcity and Social Work Decision-Making Dr Will Mason and Dr Julie Walsh