BAME Students as the Motor of Change, Dr Hyun-Joo Lim

Early Childhood Education and the Social Determinants of Health Dr Helen Van Eyk, Professor Fran Baum, Dr Matt Fisher, Professor Colin MacDougall and Dr Angela Lawless

Young People’s Wellbeing and the Achievement Gap in the Age of Covid-19 Dr Dimitra Hartas

How Much Does Private Schooling Raise Your Pay, and Does it Make You Give More to the Community? Professor Francis Green, Dr Jake Anders, Dr Morag Henderson and Dr Golo Henseke

Effective or Not? Investment in Early Childhood Education and Care in England, France and Germany Professor Anne West, Dr Agnes Blome and Professor Jane Lewis

Neoliberalism as the “Docking Station” of Swedish Welfare Discourse: Merging Ideological Frames in Swedish Higher Education Dr Johan Nordensvärd and Dr Markus Ketola

Globalisation and the Welfare State: Is More Education What People Really Want?Dr Julian Garritzmann