Global Social Policy

The Puzzle of Japan’s Welfare Capitalism Professor Martin Powell, Dr Ki-tae Kim and Dr Sung-won Kim

Activating the Unemployed in a Coronavirus Recession Dr René Lehwess-Litzmann

Understanding Social Policy Divergence in East Asia Dr Nan Yang and Dr Stefan Kühner

What Social Citizenship Tells Us About the Right to the City Dr Abigail Friendly

Mysteries of Valuation: Subordinationof Market Price to Social Justice During Expropriation of Land in India Dr Sattwick Dey Biswas

The Scope of Possibilities for User Influence in Norwegian Municipal Care Services Professor Jan Andersen

Understanding the Persistence and Duration of Benefit Receipt Dr Katrin Hohmeyer and Dr Torsten Lietzmann

The Shame of Progress: Devaluing People Experiencing Poverty in China Dr Lichao Yang and Professor Robert Walker

Stigma and Social Assistance in the Global South: Myth or an Overlooked Reality? Dr Keetie Roelen

Why Politics and Social Policy Matter For Shaping Humanitarian Assistance Dr Volkan Yilmaz

Effective or Not? Investment in Early Childhood Education and Care in England, France and Germany Professor Anne West, Dr Agnes Blome and Professor Jane Lewis

Active Labour Market Policies Are Not a Panacea Dr Luc Benda, Professor Ferry Koster and Professor Romke van der Veen

A Lens on Life Inside an Immigration Removal Centre Dr Maria De Angelis

How Contractual Changes to Employment Services Affect Engagement with Single Mothers Dr Michelle Brady

Explaining Other People’s Stances on Inequality Dr Anthony Kevins, Dr Alexander Horn, Professor Carsten Jensen and Professor Kees Van Kersbergen

Do People Want Their Welfare States to Converge? Professor Peter Taylor-Gooby, Dr Jan Ocko-Heuer, Dr Heejung Chung, Dr Benjamin Leruth, Professor Steffan Mau and Dr Katharina Zimmerman.

Globalisation and the Welfare State: Is More Education What People Really Want?Dr Julian Garritzmann

Does the EU Skew Democratic Debate About Capitalism? Dr Julia Lux

Would Foucault Have Backed Macron? Revisiting ‘The Birth of Biopolitics’ Lectures Dr Paul Michael Garrett

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