Social Security

Deserving of Social Support? Street-Level Bureaucrats’ Decisions on EU Migrants’ Benefit Claims in Germany Dr Nora Ratzmann

Welfare Cuts and Growing Charity Aim to Mould Citizens to Prevailing Political IdealsProfessor Cameron Parsall, Dr Andrew Clarke and Dr Francisco Perales

Hybrid Entitlement: How Welfare Recipients Perceive Their Rights in a Neoliberal Era Dr Einat Lavee

How Important was the Economy to the Effectiveness of Welfare Reform? Dr Marilyn Edelhoch, Dr Cynthia Flynn and Dr Qiduan Liu

The Last Stand Against Populism? The Catholic Church in Italy and its Defence of Social Assistance and Migration Policies Professor Ugo Escoli, Dr Marco Arlotti and Professor Emmanuele Pavolini

Taking a Longer and Deeper View: Social Security Policy and In-Depth Research Over Time Professor Jane Millar

Changing Access to Disability Benefits in Australia Professor Alex Collie, Dr Luke Sheehan and Dr Tyler Jane

Restricting Social Security in Britain: The Household Benefit Cap Dr Chris Grover

Does the Pause in Face-to-Face Benefit Assessments During Covid-19 Provide an Opportunity for Reflection? Dr Katie Pybus, Professor Kate Pickett, Professor Charlie Lloyd, Dr Stephanie Brady and Professor Richard Wilkinson

Is Scotland More Progressive than the UK? A Look at Carer’s Allowance Professor Sara Cantillon and Dr Eleanor Kirk

Rethinking Tax Systems for a Post-Covid Social Contract Professor Andrew Baker and Professor Richard Murphy

Official Poverty Statistics are Systematically Underestimating the Cost of Children Relative to Adults Professor Donald Hirsch

Understanding the Persistence and Duration of Benefit Receipt Dr Katrin Hohmeyer and Dr Torsten Lietzmann

Stigma and Social Assistance in the Global South: Myth or an Overlooked Reality? Dr Keetie Roelen

Benefit Sanctions and Anti-Depressant Prescribing: The Mental Health Impact of Social Security Reforms Evan Williams

Active Labour Market Policies Are Not a Panacea Dr Luc Benda, Professor Ferry Koster and Professor Romke van der Veen

Contracting Employment Services by Results: Performance Targets, Differential Payments and Category Games Dr Siobhan O’Sullivan, Dr Michael McGann and Professor Mark Considine

How Contractual Changes to Employment Services Affect Engagement with Single Mothers Dr Michelle Brady

Unequal Social Protection in the United States: How Do Unemployment Insurance Programmes Vary Across States? Dr Yu-Ling Chang

Basic Income in Finland: How Did a Radical Idea Become Mainstream? Johanna Perkiö

Universal Credit: Design Matters Professor Jane Millar and Dr Fran Bennett

An Idea Whose Time Has Come? The Return of Universal Basic Income Dr Peter Sloman

Magic Numbers, Evidence and Universal Credit Dr Jo Ingold and Dr Mark Monaghan